X-Sense Wireless CO Detectors

FAQs for Wireless CO Detectors

  • Which carbon monoxide detectors are wireless?

    Currently, we only have one wireless smoke detector, the XS01-WR. We will launch the X-Sense Link+ wireless interlinked detectors later this year. Please stay tuned to keep up with our latest updates.

  • Can these wireless CO detectors connect to the XS01-WR?

    Yes, it can connect to the X-Sense Link+ wireless smoke alarms.

  • How does a wireless carbon monoxide detector connect to different models?

    1) Turn on the CO alarm and another wireless alarm.

    2) Quickly press the test/silence button on one of the 2 units 4 times; it will beep once and the LED will slowly flash red, indicating that it has entered pairing mode and is waiting for a new unit to be added. Quickly press the test/silence button on the other unit twice; it will beep once and the LED will rapidly flash red, indicating it is searching for a device to connect to.

    3) After the search is successful and an interconnected group is created, both units will beep once and automatically exit the interconnection mode. At this point, both units will only flash once every 60 seconds, indicating that they are both in normal standby mode.

    4) If you want to connect more units, please refer to the user manual.