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Alarm Chirps with New Battery

By Hope Charlotte |

For anyone who has asked “Why does my smoke detector keep beeping even after I change the battery?” – then you are in the right place. Below we discuss some of the things that may cause your alarm to beep continuously despite no danger.

Why does my smoke detector keep beeping after changing the battery?

Non-stop smoke alarm beeping can be quite annoying especially when there is no dangerous situation. Possible reasons for why it keeps beeps are:

  • The smoke detector is old and needs to be replaced. Smoke detectors have an expiry date. Some may last 5-10 years depending on the manufacturer. This date is printed at the back of the smoke detector. So you may want to check it before anything else. Any alarm that is past its expiry can malfunction.
  • The smoke detector is in silent mode. When the smoke alarm is put to silent mode, it will send out a beeping sound now and then to remind you that it is not fully operating. This button may have been pressed by accident, causing the smoke alarm to beep endlessly.
  • The smoke detector has a low battery. As a warning tone, the smoke detector will signal that the battery power is low. Thus, you will need to replace them already.
  • The smoke detector has insufficient battery power. Typically, when we want to replace batteries quickly – we grab something that is not fresh and put it there to make it work. Likewise, the battery quickly drains. Thus, it is better to buy new ones and keep replacements that are properly stored.
  • The smoke detector interconnections are faulty. If you have a couple of smoke detectors that are interconnected, it is possible that the wiring is already falling apart. When the wire is grounded, it may cause the smoke alarms to beep.

How to stop the alarm chirp?

Below are some steps to reset your smoke alarm after the replacement of new batteries.

  • Dismount your smoke alarm from the wall or ceiling
  • Take out the battery cover and the batteries as well
  • Long press on the test button for 30 seconds to reset the alarm
  • Replace the batteries and close the compartment
  • Clean your smoke detector and the area around it for any dust to prevent a build-up
  • Hold on to the test button again and the smoke alarm should function

Initially, with fresh battery replacement – your smoke alarms should be operational again and stop chirping. But of course, not everything can sail smoothly. There are cases when the alarm itself will need to be replaced. Either because it has reached lifespan or has broken early on. To avoid this situation, you will need to conduct regular maintenance checks on all your units. Either monthly or at least twice a year. Aside from conducting an inspection, you will need to keep the area around your smoke alarms clean and free of dust to avoid any buildup that may cause your alarm to malfunction.


How long will a smoke detector beep after changing its battery?

Most types of smoke detectors will beep every minute for 15 minutes straight. What can cause it to beep is either it has reached its lifespan or was possibly put in silent mode.

How do I reset the smoke alarm to stop it from beeping?


  • The first is to turn off the circuit breaker where your smoke detectors are connected to
  • Remove your smoke alarms from its mount and disconnect the electricity power
  • Change the battery with new ones
  • Long press on the test button for 15 seconds
  • Reassemble the smoke alarm back in its place

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