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How to Install X-Sense Wireless Interconnected Smoke Alarm

By HopeCharlotte |

X-Sense is a globally acclaimed company for producing smoke alarms, fire detectors, and carbon monoxide alarms for safety. The interconnected smoke alarms of X-Sense works together with the help of radiofrequency to give every corner of your home full proof protection. So if you are interested to install these interconnected smoke alarms then take a look here. You will get a brief knowledge about the installation and maintenance method of X-Sense wireless interconnected smoke alarms.

How to Install X-Sense Wireless Smoke Alarm

While installing your X-Sense wireless smoke alarm you will have to follow these rules:

  • The installation of your smoke alarm needs to be in your bedroom and walkways. You need to make sure that you will sense this alarm from your sleeping area. If your house consists of several bedrooms then install a single smoke alarm for each bedroom. And if you are installing only one smoke alarm then the place is somewhere near the bedrooms, and it should not be in the furnace or basement room.
  • Install smoke alarms on every floor and also above a stairway in a multi-storey house.
  • You should install the smoke alarm in the middle of the ceiling if possible as heat, smoke, or anything that is burning spread horizontally and rise towards the ceiling. The alarm should be placed away from the corners around the room.
  • Place the alarm at least 20 inches or 50 away from the corner of a room if you cannot place it in the middle.
  • If you are installing the alarm in the walls make sure it is 4 to12 inches or 10 to 30 centimetres under a ceiling.
  • If the hall room of your house is way past 900 centimetres or 30 feet then it is wise to place multiple alarms in a similar space.
  • If the ceiling or wall of your room is at a particular angle then install the smoke alarm within 90 centimetres or 3 feet of the highest wall or ceiling point of the room.
  • If it is a multi-level apartment or house then install at least one wireless smoke alarm on each level and install them in a straight vertical line. Make the path of the interconnected alarms obstacle-free to ensure optimal signal transmission.

Locations to avoid:

  • Install it away from the large metal surface and keep it away from bundles of wire.
  • Electronic “noise” may or can cause false alarms thus install it way from devices that transmit RF signals. So keep your smoke alarm away from electrical equipment, fluorescent lights, and amateur radios.


  • You should always install smoke alarms by a professional and not by yourself.
  • You should not use smoke alarms as a substitute for proper installation or maintenance of other devices. You should not use it for the maintenance of fuel-burning appliances, or ventilation and exhaust systems.

How to install a wireless smoke alarm

Step 1: To mark the screw holes on the ceiling or the wall, where the smoke alarm is going to install, you can use the mounting bracket.

Step 2: Use an appropriately-sized drill bit to drill the holes at the two marks. Then insert the anchor plugs. Then use the screw provided to you to screw the mounting bracket.

Step 3: Then attach and lock the alarm with the mounting bracket by turning it clockwise.

Step 4: Then test the smoke alarm if it is working well or not.

NOTE: it is advised to you to check the smoke alarms in individual rooms and their transmission range before installing them.

How to Maintain Wireless Smoke Alarm

To make your smoke alarms run long and work well you need to follow these maintenance guides:

Step 1: Test the unit once in a week to check if the unit’s alarm sound and indicator are working well or not.

Step 2: You should clean your smoke alarm every 3 months. To remove dust and dirt from your smoke alarm you can remove the unit from the ceiling and clean its cover and vents. You can also use a vacuum cleaner with a soft brush for this purpose.

Step 3: You should never use detergent or any other solvent for cleaning smoke alarms as well as other electrical appliances.

Step 4: Also avoid spraying hair spray, air fresheners, and similar sorts of aerosols near your smoke alarm.

Step 5: Do not ever paint your smoke alarms to make it familiar with your room or ceiling. This will seal the vents and also reduce the sensor’s ability to detect fire.

Step 6: Never try to disassemble the main body of the smoke alarm to clean its inside. This will void your warranty rules.

Step 7: After cleaning place the smoke alarm on its proper position as soon as possible so that it can give you safety continuously.

Step 8: Maintain proper ventilation when you are using household cleaning supplies.

Follow these simple methods while doing the monthly maintenance of X–Sense smoke detectors in your house. And for installation, you should always look for professional help. You can contact the X-Sense company online or visit your nearest store to purchase your home safety fire detectors.

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