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Reviews of BRK Smoke Alarms

By WenSue |

BRK is one of the most popular smoke alarm companies. It has been in business for over 50 years now. It is well known for its smoke alarms known as First Alert smoke detectors. They manufacture up to eight different types of First Alert smoke detectors. They also offer very reasonable and affordable prices for their smoke alarms.

Their smoke alarms are of diverse dimension since they can be installed in commercial buildings, complex apartments and even in homes. The photoelectric, ionization and dual sensors are incorporated into the different devices they manufacture.

Who Makes BRK Smoke Alarms?

BRK is an innovative company that is responsible for making First Alert branded smoke detectors. It has been in existence for over 5 decades and has built a legacy for its self; for the manufacture of unmatched smoke detectors that are efficient in protecting your home from fire.

They have evolved from making the traditional hard-wired detector to the very modern innovative brands that can be connected to different technologies. They are also well known for the manufacture of different products concerning home safety.

Is First Alert and BRK The Same Company?

BRK is the company that manufactures smoke detectors whose brand and trade name is First Alert. BRK is a very popular company whose products cannot be compared with products from other companies. This is because of the diversity and technology involved in the manufacture of different products.

  Their smoke alarms can be installed in commercial buildings, apartments and individual homes. The diversity of the different available smoke detectors gives users a difficult time to choose the correct smoke detector that will serve efficiently the purpose they intend to purchase it for. Below we shall discuss the eight different models that BRK manufactures to make it easier for users in making their decisions during purchase.

First Alert BRK 3120B

It is one of the cheap and less fancy detectors and despite that being the case it is a well-equipped detector and has unmatched features that we shall discuss below.

Features of BRK 3120B

  • It is fitted with dual sensor technology which is both photoelectric and ionization sensors. Therefore it can detect both fast flaming and smoldering fires.
  • It comes with a 10 years warranty and a backup battery.
  • It has the most desired modern feature of interconnectability.


  • It uses both ionization and photoelectric sensors.
  • It has low battery alerts and flashing LEDs for easy identification where the alert is emanating from.
  • It is hard-wired with 2 AA batteries for back up
  • It has two silencing buttons.
  • The interconnectablity capacity of up to 18 different devices
  • The Optipath 360 technology for direct access to the sensors


  • It requires complicated wiring systems that some homes do not support
  • Does not offer emergency safety lights

They are hard-wired with a backup battery and are fitted with photoelectric sensors for detecting smoldering fires. They are interconnectable with some other alarms, are easy to install and are recommended for bathrooms, kitchen and utility rooms. They lack the CO detector.

They have a 10-year battery and are fitted with ionization and electrochemical sensors, the CO detector is fitted in the same device and they also have a low battery alert alarm. They have a low power requirement and are easy to install.



“I have upgraded all my seven smoke detectors to the BRK interconnected detectors because of their dual sensor detectors. I like the fact that they were delivered quickly and the old and new wiring harness fit perfectly with each other. They come with a connector if it is needed.”

“I have replaced my BRK old models that ahave so far lasted  for the last 10 years. I have been having issues with battery alignment and mounting but no any more with this new models. The ease of attaching them to the base is out of this world. Form the video I watched the time taken for ionization detectors to trigger alarms prompted me to do a replacement. I really hope they can consider offering hard-Wire models with both ionization and photoelelectric sensors as well as CO detectors.”


“I bought 5 of the BRK detector and in just a month a false alarm was emanating from one. I tried pressing the reset but all in vain. I bought a replacement but which I think was faulty right from the box. I am now holding on and crossing fingers that the remaining don’t turn out the same, am giving them a single star rating.”

First Alert smoke detectors are among the best smoke detectors from BRK because of the technology involved, the different awesome futures they offer and most importantly their affordable cost. I would personally recommend BRK smoke detectors to any user looking forward to purchasing a smoke detector.

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