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Do I really need a Security System?

By Hope Charlotte |

A home security system can cover different kinds of technologies from carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors, video surveillance, water damage detection, intrusion monitoring, and many more. And all of this work towards boosting safety and protection for you, your family, and your home. Acquiring them is not an easy matter for your pocket which is why some people ask, “Do I need a Home Security System?” If you happen to have this question in mind, you are not alone. And this article aims to explain the pros and cons that surround it to help you decide better.

The Statistics

The statistics that surround home security systems are quite interesting as it relates to crime rates and inside home robberies. According to studies, 59% of home robberies take place during the day when owners are out of their house. And on a typical day-to-day basis, kids are at school and parents would be at work. Homes that have shaded by trees, high fences, and gardens are the most common ones to burglarize because of it has a cover. And average break-ins happen during the summer months.

The break-ins, also according to statistics, show that burglaries are typically done by force – whether by breaking through a window or picking a lock. And these are where home security systems can be advantageous because they can help raise alarms on your home vulnerabilities.

The Benefits of Home Security System

Provides added protection

Home security systems are meant to protect your home from burglaries, fire breakouts, and other home disasters. By incorporating monitoring systems, it can help detect problems before they even occur. They also become valuable in times of medical emergencies. Some of these variants even provide professional monitoring while some are extended to personal monitoring through your mobile phones.

Act as deterrents

Having alarm systems in place and visible, even if they are just stickers – have proven to deter criminals from burglarizing your home. Whenever there are outdoor cameras or signs of video surveillance, robbers tend to have less confidence in entering because the opportunity of getting cause has raised the risk level for them. Of course, a more formidable approach is to fully employ good home security technology as opposed to minimal deterrents. But we cannot say that this is not such a bad option, to begin with. The fact that it can already scare away the intention is already greater than nothing at all.

Gives us peace of mind

Knowing that you have effective home security systems in place can give a sense of peace in your mind and your home. This way, you can sleep peacefully knowing that you are protected and will be alarmed if there is a security breach. And because there are advanced systems that allow you to connect remotely – you can monitor your home through your phone even when you are on a vacation.

Advanced technologies are energy-efficient

Latest home security systems tend to offer energy-saving benefits to help with the overhead costs. An example of this is the use of smart home lights and thermostats that can adjust themselves to save energy when the security system is armed. Smart door locks can also be connected to garage door openers to securely let your expected guests into your home.

Discounted opportunities for high-end systems

When home security systems are installed by professionals, there are more chances of getting premium discounts. There are higher discounts offered for security systems that have environmental monitoring such as smoke and fire detector, water damage, and intrusion.

The Disadvantages of a Home Security System

To be transparent, acquiring a home security system will also have some drawbacks. Some of these are:

Purchase of equipment is costly

Effective home security systems do not come cheap. And this should only be expected as it is in the field of safety, security, and protection. On average, the equipment alone can cost around $400. And for some, this may already be too large to consider. However, if you look at the impact, in the long run, spending this much is surely less than the cost of being burglarized.

There can be added costs periodically

Maintaining a home security system can also add to monthly and yearly costs. This stems from professional monitoring, battery replacement and backups, and cellular data charges. For those that sign for contracts with 24/7 professional monitoring, whether monthly or yearly, the contracts have to be revisited now and then because this tends to be forgotten and just runoff.

There are possibilities of false alarms

In some cases, we cannot fully prevent false alarms from occurring. After all, these are merely devices that are programmed to detect through their sensors and trigger an alarm when those instances are detected. In those circumstances, it is inconvenient to get alarmed in the middle of the night only to find out that it was a false alarm.

Now that we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of acquiring a home security system, it is really up to our readers to decide whether you think it is right for you. We think that it is only fair to present the pros and cons in the most transparent way to have a realistic expectation. Of course, technologies like home security systems will not be marketed if they do not a problem to solve. And perhaps here, readers could weigh on the benefits and applicability for them before acting upon it.

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