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All about Home Security System Installation

Wed, Nov 10, 2021

An excellent home security system can give you peace of mind regarding security and safety for your family and valuables. That’s why most people believe that having a security system in your house is worth every penny. Apart from the money you will invest from the equipment; you also have to decide on home security system installation. Some systems can be complex and need a professional to install them, or others just need to install them yourself.

How Much Is It to Install a Security System?

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As has been said, home security system installation can be done by a professional or by yourself. There are excellent home security systems in kit forms. Regardless, you still need to invest money and effort to organize everything and keep your home security system working.

You need to consider several factors when installing a security system. What you will see in the succeeding sections will just be cost estimates. Fixed costs will depend on your home security system provider.

Most wireless security systems are easy to set up and install by homeowners. They can even do it in less than an hour. If you prefer the wired home security system, it will require you to have a professional installation. It’s essential to let professionals do the installation work so electrical components will be properly installed and the system will be set up appropriately for long-lasting protection.

Generally, installation providers charge between $60 and $150 per hour based on the extent of the installation requirements and the system itself. It can take a couple of hours for basic wired installations or days for a comprehensive system with home automation and cameras in every corner of the house.

Meanwhile, the home security system installation equipment usually costs about $200 to $1000, depending on the brand and the number of equipment you will purchase for your security system. There’s also an activation fee when you switch on the system for the first time, ranging from $25 to $100.

Overall, the estimated average to install home security is about $1400, with $400 for monitoring, activation fees of $100, $500 for equipment, and labor of about $400. There are vast options on how you can maximize your home security system at a reasonable price. All you need is to research the best providers in the market and compare their services.

Can I Install My Own Security System?

Of course, you can. With several wireless pieces of equipment for home security systems in the market today, you can do a do-it-yourself installation. It will take some effort from you to read the manual on how to set up home security system, install the equipment in areas at home, and testing the system itself; however, it will cost you less in labor fees of approximately $400. Generally, the professional installation happens when you have a wired home security system. As for wireless security systems, you just need to put in some hours to get it done yourself.

DIY home security installations also allow you to custom-build your monitoring system. Whether you are tech-savvy or just want to save money, DIY systems let you experiment with your security system.

It’s essential to note the key components a homeowner must have for a DIY home security system.

Main Panel with the Keypad

The keypad and the main panel serve as the brain for your do-it-yourself security system. You will be using the keypad to activate and deactivate your system. If you have an advanced panel, you can use it to do things such as program alarm settings.


Your alarm system will always have door and window sensors that react once the door or window is opened. The number of sensors you will buy will depend on the number of doors and windows and your personal preference. If you wish to have more sensors in every corner of the house, you can also do that. Home security system providers have add-options for you to choose from.

Motion Detectors

When motion is detected in the room, motion detectors will actively react. They are generally positioned in the corners of the house. Advanced motion detectors can be paired with cameras and will automatically start recording when they detect movements. During a home security system installation, there can also be functionality that allows you to watch the video in real-time using your mobile phones or other internet-connected devices.

How Is a Home Security System Installed?

Upon deciding on the home security system, install each piece of equipment in preferred areas of your house and test if the system works well. The good thing about a DIY home security system installation is that you do not need to drill holes or call for professional help to do it. Here are some simple steps you have to remember when installing your security system:

1. Set Up the Security Panel

Choose a place in your house that’s near the primary entrance and close to the power source. That area in the house is an ideal place for you to install the home security panel. Generally, you only need a hammer and a nail or use double-sided tape to mount the panel.

2. Position the Sensors and Detectors in the Preferred Corners of Your Home

While it may still depend on your home security provider, your security system generally includes basic window and door alarm sensors. Some also have motion detectors. Since they are wireless, most sensors come with batteries, so remember to put the batteries first before mounting the sensors.

There will be guidelines to place sensors and detectors in optimum locations, but you also have the luxury to customize if you want. Most sensors come with a peel and stick backing, which allows homeowners to move sensors when needed.

3. Home Security System Check

Probably one of the most vital steps on how to install home security system is to check if you did great in setting up the system. The owner’s manual will have guidelines on testing your home security system and ensuring it is working correctly.

What Is the Best Home Security System?

With all the home security system providers in the market, you surely will not know how to choose. While searching for a provider that suits your needs, you might have encountered the X-sense Home Security System. This is a recommended provider by many. Home security system installation is made easier with the provider because of its user-friendly equipment.

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It provides high-quality smart home security equipment that will ensure your safety inside and outside your house. With its bundles and features, homeowners can closely monitor all activities, even outside the home. Its smart features allow you to see the happenings inside the house and the surroundings outside through your mobile phone. The great catch about X-sense is that the additional user can arm or disarm the security system.

Features of X-sense Home Security System

All packages from X-sense offer a comprehensive set of technologies and applications to provide home safety which covers a vast array of safety situations.

  • Every home security kit comes with a motion sensor, base station, two entry sensors, and remote control.
  • Suppose you wish to add equipment to your system to enhance security; X-sense has add-on services such as smoke detectors that come in various kinds, carbon monoxide detectors, and an outdoor security camera.
  • There are also bundles of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors that you can purchase. The bundle starts from three-six pack packages.

Why Does It Stand Out?

Besides its smart home security system, X-sense maintains an excellent brand image of having one of the best smoke alarms among providers. This gives you the luxury to make your home a lot safer from possible fire, aside from the typical sensors and motion detectors. The provider also has a 30-refund policy to give time to test and try the services and lifetime technical assistance in cases you might encounter issues with your home security system.


A home security system gives you peace of mind and reduces the chances of being a victim of burglary. Since you feel safe in your house, you can be a more healthy, productive, and focused person. Also, the good thing about innovative home security systems today, you can keep tabs on your kids at home, even when you are away. Smart security systems have applications that allow you to receive alerts, view videos through security cameras, and remotely unlock electronic doors to let people in inside your house.

Deciding for a home security system installation entails money, effort, and a lot of research for the best provider. Neither installation type is ideal for the majority, so you need to choose an installation process that fits you and your budget. They say that a home security system always is worth your money. That may not be the case for everyone as well. This is why several providers are now upgrading their services with instant, affordable, and effective home security systems.

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