The 5 Best Smart Home Security Systems in 2021

The internet has constantly been evolving in recent years, and it is making it easier to have the best smart home security systems for you to control things in your house from an app on your phone. It has become easier to manage your house equipment such as a thermostat, door lock, vacuums, and lighting system.

Having a smart system in your home makes things simpler to do. It has become safer to leave your home unattended since you can monitor your home security system anywhere as long as you have an internet connection.

What Is a Smart Home Security System?

Smart home security is a system that allows you to control your appliances and devices from anywhere as long as you are connected to the internet using your mobile or another networked device.

These devices are connected using the internet through a wireless device, making them smart devices since you can control the functions of the devices through your phone. The use of this automation system in a home ensures that you use your energy efficiently. You can dim lights when not in use or switch certain appliances when idle will help you save on energy costs by reducing electricity usage.

Smart home systems work so that they have a central point that controls all these devices. It is easy to rely on these devices because they come with the ability to adapt to the users' schedules and make the necessary adjustments.

At the same time, the system has a smart home alarm system that works by detecting motion when you are away, and if they notice an imminent threat, they can alert the authorities. With this feature, you can ensure that your home is safe from intruders when you are away.

View the Best Smart Home Security Systems of 2021

1. SimpliSafe Smart Home Security System

SimpliSafe Smart Home Security System

When we talk about security, all you can think of is which system can suit your needs and budget. Keeping your family and your home secure is the most important thing when you are away from home.

SimpliSafe smart system is the best home security system you can entrust to keep your family safe. The system itself is not expensive and is a DIY system that is easy to set up.

The thing with this system is that it is seamless, and it lets you monitor your home and enjoy uninterrupted home security with or without a monthly subscription.

Features -

The system has an entry-level package known as the foundation costs that comes with a base station, a motion sensor, an entry sensor, and a wireless keypad. These are the basics of the system that come at $229.

In addition to this, you can choose from the different packages they have with the increasing prices due to more features. They are:

The Haven is the top package, and it includes; temperature sensor, a smoke detector, panic button, different motion and entry sensors, a camera, key fob, and water sensor. Also, it includes a standard plan that lets you pay $14.99 for monitoring costs that include ten live recording cameras and 24/7 professional alarm and environmental monitoring.

Then, an interactive plan lets you get the plan at $24.99 inclusive of the standard plan and using the mobile app to function. With the app, you can remotely monitor the activities at your home, including arming and disarming alarms, receiving alerts. Lastly, the other plan lets your self-monitor through the app and include cloud video storage for 30 days at $10 a month.You can purchase extra equipment for your smart home security systems, including the following:

  • Motion sensor: $29.99
  • Entry sensor: $14.99
  • Smoke detector: $29.99
  • Carbon Monoxide Detector: $29.99
  • Wi-Fi-based SimpliCam with motion sensor: $99
  • Water sensor: $19.99
  • Temperature sensor: $29.99
  • Panic Button: $19.99
  • Indoor/Outdoor Siren: $59.99
  • Smart Door Lock: $99
  • Video Doorbell Pro: $169
  • Keypad: $69.99
  • Key fob with panic button: $24.99
  • Glass-break sensor: $34.99

Why stand out?

SimpliSafe is a good option to choose from because it is one of the first DIY security systems to offer better prices compared to professionally installed systems.

Besides being a DIY system, it is cheap and offers several features required in smart home security systems. At the same time, you can control your home system using a keypad provided. If you do not need any features, you can opt-out of subscriptions and work with motion sensors to detect any movement and sound an alarm.

2. Vivint Smart Home Security System

Vivint Smart Home Security System

Vivint smart system is one of the best smart home security systems available in the market. It comes with a variety of security solutions for your home. To provide you with the best services, the company offers 24/7 professional installation and monitoring of your smart security system.

While working with this system, you must have a subscription to enjoy the services they offer. However, if you only require a local alarm system, you will not need to pay for the package. While, if you pay for the design, you will remotely control your system, have a live stream.

The system allows you to cancel your subscription, but it comes with cancellation fees because of monitoring contracts for financed equipment.

Features -

With the equipment working on a contract basis for up to 60 months, it is best to find the best plan that suits your home and financial wellness. The starter package starts at $599, but the customers have to pay $2000 as an initial fee to get the smart security system.

You can decide to add monthly monitoring into your plan for $39.99, and also, if you want to add more features, then you can add them at various prices.

Why stand out?

It is the best smart home security system since, in the package provided, you get both a security system and home automation. Vivint's equipment is compatible with their home devices as well as other third-party devices as well. Thus, it gives you the capability to control most of your devices remotely automatically.

3. X-Sense Home Security System

X-Sense Home Security System

X-Sense is a smart home security system that provides flexible and easy-to-use devices. It comes with various features that allow its base station to connect the sensor devices to the application. The base station is the center of the smart home security systems.

The motion sensors can sense up to 39 feet and send an alert immediately when someone triggers the alarm. It provides you with the option to adjust your sensors for accuracy. In addition to that, the security system has entry sensors on windows and doors to alert you and includes a remote control to help you when navigating through the system.

Features -

This home security system has one package that it offers to its customers. Thus, it makes it the most affordable home system in the market. Also, it is easy to use with the app being user-friendly.

The package begins at $99.99 that comes with a base station that can connect with up to 32 sensor devices and include six remote controls. However, it is compatible with X-Sense devices only.

The system allows you to choose when to disable alarms, at-home mode, and away mode. Thus, ensuring you are secure at all times.

Why stand out?

This system is unique since it allows the user to enable one mode when available or unavailable. At the same time, the system is affordable; thus, it has become easy to purchase and self-install.

4. ADT Pulse Security System

ADT Pulse Security System

All you ever need is a user-friendly security system for your home. When you place the commands on the system, you must ensure that they work in your favor. With ADT Pulse, you get an easy-to-use touch screen and an app that you can use remotely, inclusive of a voice command option that allows you to control your system in the comfort of your bed.

ADT Pulse is a service offered by ADT Monitoring that gives you the option to control your smart home security systems from wherever you are.

Features -

This system comes with different plans at affordable prices. Once you decide to purchase, they install at $99 with premium protection packages at $52.99 a month, including a standard monitoring system valued at $850. The system has the following features:

  • Instant notifications alert
  • Remote alarm arm/disarm
  • Live video stream
  • Remote door lock/unlock
  • Smoke, carbon monoxide sensors
  • Smart system control of devices such as thermostats and lights
  • Amazon Alexa voice control

Why stand out?

This company has been in existence for over 145 years, and it has provided security to more people than other companies. Thus, it uses watches over your home with professional equipment with a large network of centers to keep your home safe and secure at all times.

Also, it produces high-quality equipment in the market. The company has professionals to install all your equipment and provide maintenance in case of any disruptions. Thus, if you want high-end equipment at premium prices, you choose the best smart home security systems in the industry.

5. Ring Home Security System

Ring Home Security System

It is one of the smart home security systems that operate with no contract enforced on the buyer. Thus, it allows you to be flexible on your payment plans even when you need the system.

It is a DIY system; thus, it allows you to buy and assemble it on your own time, saving n installation costs. It is a less expensive system giving you a choice to self-monitor if you do not require a monthly subscription.

Features -

With the system being self-installed, the starting price for the starter kit can be about $200, with a camera recording for $3. With professional monitoring, you have to pay $10 for the services.

It has contact sensors for main entrances and motion detectors. Depending on your home, you can decide to choose among the three packages they offer. That is small at $199.99, medium at $249.99, and large at $329.99. The equipment includes:

  • Base station
  • Keypad
  • Contact sensors
  • Motion sensors
  • Range extender

Why stand out?

This system, just like SimpliSafe, allows you to have a contract-free service that your self-monitor without monthly payments. It is the best smart home security system for individuals who want to secure their homes but are on a tight budget.

How to Choose a Smart Home Security System?

It is important to get a good security system for your home. To choose a system, you should consider these factors:

  • How much security do you need? - You should know what you want to protect, which will help you determine the type of security to have in your home.
  • Size of your house- If it's big, you will require a more expensive system to cover all the areas.
  • Budget - While you are considering the system you want, always check the packages offered by the companies and ensure you can afford the plans.
  • Installation process- Also, if you want to install it yourself and avoid installation costs, you can choose a DIY system; thus, knowing what you require from a plan is important.

FAQs on Smart Home Security Systems

How much does a smart home security system cost?

The cost of smart home security systems will depend entirely on the type of equipment you purchase, whether you take a DIY or professional, and self or professional monitoring. You can choose to take monthly monitoring ranging from $10 a month to $100 a month.

What is the best home security system to buy?

We noted that the best security system is an x-sense security system from the different smart home security systems found in the market. This system provides you with the best services at lower prices, thus making it budget-friendly. At the same time, the system offers various services, including motion sensors and fire and smoke detectors.

Are smart home systems secure?

Smart home systems are the most secure systems for your home. With the available features included in your package, you can get notifications in your mobile app whenever there is a disturbance.

Can smart home systems be hacked?

Any system using an internet connection is prone to hacking. A hacker can use your wifi connection to hack your system. Thus, it is advisable to encrypt your system with a layer of software protection to keep these individuals from hacking your system.


We have provided you with the best home security systems that you can use to keep your home safe when you are away. With advancing technology, an automated home system will help you be alerted when an alarm is triggered. Ensure you check with your technician before you buy to help you understand which system better suits your home.