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What Are the Different Degrees of Fire Alarm

By HopeCharlotte |

Depending on how serious the fire is, the fire alarms have different degrees. You might be thinking what does it mean? Different fire alarms describe how quickly a responder reacts to the fire and how many teams are required to extinguish the fire. It is important to be familiar with the safety systems and requirements of fire alarms. On this page we will tell you what does Multiple-alarm fire means and what the degrees of fire alarm are.

1. What does multiple alarm fire mean?

You might have heard about the numbers, one alarm fire, and two alarm fire, and so on. Do you know what the numbers mean? These numbers indicate different fire categories that represent to what extent your local authorities are going to respond because different levels of fire require respective levels of response. This is not literally what it says, such as you may think that one alarm fire means local authorities will send one vehicle or so on.

However, it is the fact that as fire's severity increases, the number of responders increases. The first alarm represents the initial dispatch and subsequent alarms indicate additional units for help because the fire grows with time and more responders are needed to combat it.

2. What is a one alarm fire?

Of the levels of fire alarm, the lowest level is one alarm fire. It indicates that there may be a blaze at the site where the alarm is sounded and that the fire is in a small building, for instance a house. As compared to other levels, one fire alarm requires a minimum number of personnel and vehicles, three or five units.

3. What is a two alarm fire in San Diego?

You can tell by the name, this alarm level is higher than one alarm fire. It not only requires more responding personnel and vehicles on the scene along with more ladders, pumpers, and a supply shop and hazmat unit. The supply shop deals with providing additional firefighting equipment. And the hazmat unit deals with the safety of hazardous materials.

4. What is a three alarm fire?

From level two and onwards, everything is referred to as a multiple alarm fire. However, it is somewhat easy to deal with the first two levels as compared to higher ones. Level three is considered a serious level of fire. The response to three alarm fire depends on your local rules. It commonly entails two pumpers and a supplementary personnel unit. 

5. What is a four alarm fire?

You can tell by the name that this is a serious category if not handled properly. A pumper and a personnel unit are added. The lower fire alarms are somewhat common, but fire departments rarely face the four alarm fire, you can say a few times per year.

6. What is a five alarm fire?

Usually fire departments have codes up to five alarm levels. The reason is that they believe they will be able to contain the fire and it will no longer escalate. At this point they try to lower down the level bringing it to one alarm fire and then extinguish the fire. It can be successfully tackled with additional personnel and vehicles.

7. How to keep a high level of fire safety?

Fire is not something you can ignore as it is very serious. We all know how much damage a fire can cause if you don’t handle it on time. To keep you and your family safe, you need to take certain precautions. For which you need to install a fire alarm system in your hourse and install smoke alarms. Also you should maintain the smoke fire alarms and CO detector regularly to make sure that you stay safe.

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