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Why Replace Smoke Alarm Every 10 Years?

By Hope Charlotte |

Carbon monoxide detectors or smoke alarms make a loud sound when activated by smoke to warn you that there is a fire in your home. These alarms also make intermittent beeps under certain circumstances. The beeping of a smoke alarm does not mean that your house is on fire. The sound indicates that the smoke detector needs some attention. But did you know that all the smoke detectors need to be replaced every after 10 years? It is because, it may not operate properly due to insects, dust build-up, electrical corrosion, and airborne contaminants. 

Here in the following article, we will learn more about why it is important to replace your smoke detector every 10 years.

Why You Should Replace Your Smoke Detector Every 10 Years?

Like every electronic device and smoke alarms do not last forever, they need to be replaced every after 10 years. Also, according to the US National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) issued NFPA Standard 72, National Fire Alarm and Signalling Code (2010 edition), which states: "Replace all smoke alarms, including those that use ten-year batteries and hard-wired alarms, when they are ten years old or sooner if they don't respond properly when tested."

Smoke detectors are very low-cost devices that can be easily installed in various environments of the house to notify us clearly when smoke occurs in an area near the equipment. This tool can help save your life in the event of a fire, so its role is very important. But after a certain time, it needs to be replaced. Here are the reasons why you need to replace it.

Peace of mind:

It completely gives peace of mind. Smoke detectors have the particularity of maintaining their detection function continuously. They do not require to be turned off or unplugged. Either the model you have, or if they work based on batteries or direct electrical connection, these devices have lights and sounds that indicate if they require any charge or revision. Which is perfect for verifying that it can continue to function properly. Also, they are interconnected so that when any of the alarms trigger, all start giving signals so that you get a warning as early as possible.

Limiting effects to your insurance:

If you have a rental or homeowner’s insurance policy, you have protection or section your house must have to get qualified for the policy. Many times, it includes having non-expired or working smoke detectors. Even if your insurance policy does not include this part, it can help to alert your agent that you’ve non-expired detectors and it can lower your rate sometimes.

Following the government regulations:

If you are the owner of your property, you will need to ensure your rental properties have safe and working smoke detectors.

Thus, it is very important to replace your Carbon monoxide detector or smoke alarm every after 10 years.

Tips for Replace your Smoke and fire alarms:

When you are installing smoke alarms in your house, certain things are important to note – Such:

  • Fire and Smoke alarms should be placed on every level like inside and outside of your bedroom.
  • Make sure to place the alarm system in the center part of the room.
  • Do not install a detector near any heating source.
  • It should be kept above at least 3 feet from the corner and 4 to 6 inches away from the ceiling.
  • Install smoke detector away from air ducts and fans which could blow smokes from the detectors.
  • Do not keep it near shower steam, cooking smoke, or oven heat to avoid unnecessary nuisance.

Also, make sure, never to remove the battery from a smoke detector if it was triggered by humidity, kitchen smoke, or another cause that is not dangerous. 

This action stops the false alarm, but you may forget to replace the battery. A battery-less smoke detector makes you vulnerable in the event of a fire. 

Move the detectors that give frequent false alarms and use smoke extractors in the kitchen and the shower.

Smoke detectors are inexpensive devices. Even, depending on the model, they do not usually have such high prices. As we have mentioned, because of the dust and insects build up and also for the electrical corrosion, it is important to replace every after 10 years.

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