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Wi-Fi Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarms

By HopeCharlotte |

Wi-Fi smoke & carbon monoxide alarms detect two threats at the same time. Not only do they provide you notifications straight to your device(s), but several alarms can communicate with each other via Bluetooth to identify the source of the alarm. The batteries are usually long-lasting, with no need to replace them during the ten-year lifespan. There is also no need to rewire for hardwired designs. This article will provide you information on the benefits offered by such alarms and what brands/models to purchase.

What is Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms

A Wi-Fi smoke & Carbon monoxide alarm is undoubtedly a smart device. As a smoke alarm, it already doubles as an ionized or photoelectric sensor. This means it can respond to various types of fire: smoldering or fast-spreading, for example. It also self-tests so that it can check if its sensor function is still okay and if battery power is still near its maximum. The smart detector also notifies you via a phone app if something is wrong.

Because there are other smoke menaces at home, such an alarm can also detect carbon monoxide. With this integrated into the central unit, there is no need to buy and install a separate alarm. When incorporated into your home's automation system, you can expect the device to detect light and heat. So, you can get a fire or smoke alarm at its earliest stages.

How do Wi-Fi Smoke Detector Work?

Think about this: a Wi-Fi smoke detector is just like any other dual sensor with extra capabilities. However, it takes those great features further by using your home's Wi-Fi to communicate a smart home hub or a smartphone app when the alarm detects something. You will know where the alarm is sounding from. So, you will be aware if it is a real threat or just a case of burnt cooking. When it is a false alarm, you may silence it using your phone app.

With this type of detector, all the rest of your alarms are synced together. So, all alarms will sound off when one is triggered. The phone app notification is especially valuable if you are not even at home. When you see the alert, you can decide to call emergency services or the fire department. A quicker response can save your house from more damage.

Essential Factors to Consider Before Purchase Wi-Fi Smoke Alarms

When deciding what smoke alarm to buy, you need to look at a few essential factors:

1. Cost

This is always a significant factor. You may want the best smoke alarm money can offer, but what if you cannot afford it? If you know that you have the money to invest in the best Wi-Fi smoke and carbon monoxide alarm out there, why not invest in one? Your life is worth more than any amount of cash. If a financial possibility, pack in the extra features. Add a carbon monoxide detector to not only protect your family from fires but also from dangerous smoke inhalation. Adding it may be crucial to survival if you also have a working generator nearby.

2. Maintenance

Whatever device model you choose, you have to maintain the smoke alarms regularly. You have to perform monthly tests and battery replacements. Listen carefully for the low battery chirp. There is a button to facilitate the monthly tests, and you also get notifications for issues such as a draining battery. Go for a device that has a more extended warranty. It will be a great add-on feature if the sellers are providing inspection and repair services for your smart alarms during the length of the warranty.

3. Power Source

You have a choice between battery-powered alarms and hardwired smoke detectors. Battery-powered units are useful for power outages. You may need one if your area usually suffers from power blackouts due to maintenance or faulty wirings. These will pair well with a generator during storms. You don't need to further load the generator, but your device can detect carbon monoxide. There will be an annoying chirping to notify you when the battery is going low. Go for models that also perform self-testing in terms of function and battery power.

On the other hand, you have the option to go for a hardwired smart smoke detector. This will need the help of an experienced professional to install. There are also backup batteries that will support the system during power outages. The best smart smoke detector will notify you of any triggers via Wi-Fi or even notify you if the Wi-Fi is down due to power outage.

4. Carbon Monoxide Sensor

A carbon monoxide sensor, as mentioned earlier, is crucial to survival in some cases. Carbon monoxide cannot be easily detected because it is both colorless and odorless.  Being able to detect it should not feel like a bonus add-on. It should be a requirement. Even if you are not home, there may be other people inside who may be susceptible to the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning.

5. Alerts

The alerts should be sent to your phone or device. After all, why did you choose a smart smoke detecting device for? Even if you are not home, you will know if a fire is starting there. Your smart alarms should also interconnected and alerting each other. You need an alarm that has a sound capability that can reach you wherever you are in the house. Your phone app should also always be set to vibrate or sound so that you will receive potentially emergency alerts.

6. Mobile App

Everything has an app nowadays. So, it would be nice to have a mobile app for your Wi-Fi Smoke & Carbon monoxide alarm. This way, you don't have to keep on checking each unit physically. The mobile app will provide you with alerts when something is wrong or needs to be checked. Check if the smart alarm that you are buying has an app available for your phone, whether it is an iOS or Android phone. The good news is that most top brands are available to both types of phones. The brands aim to appeal to more possible buyers.

7. Smart Home Capability

If you have a smart hub system, then choose an alarm that can be incorporated seamlessly with it. Get some advice from your retailer. If it is possible to buy all your systems from one reputable seller, then it would be ideal.

The Best Smart Wi-Fi Smoke Detectors and Fire Alarms

At this point, you know what type of smoke detectors you should purchase for your home. These should be alarms that are compatible with what your home already has to offer. They should provide you with maximum safety. An app will provide you with alerts wherever you may be.

Here are some of the best smart Wi-Fi smoke detectors and fire alarms in the market today:

1. Nest Protect:

Nest Protect smoke + CO alarm can provide you alerts via a Nest app that can be downloaded for free into your iOS or Android phone. This is a battery-operated model that will require you six AA batteries. It is small and handy and can function at a range of 40F to 100F temperatures. It sounds off an alarm at 80 dB at a range of 3 feet and a horn at 85 dB at a range of 10 feet.

2. First Alert Onelink:

This is a brilliant device that provides you with double the protection from smoke and carbon monoxide. Like other smart smoke detecting devices, it sends you an alert when something is wrong. It has a voice alert, though, that directs you towards the trigger source. This battery-operated device makes for easy installation. It also communications with other alarms in the link. So, you get one united alarm when one gets triggered. First Alert comes with a five-year warranty and a replaceable battery. It can connect via a 2.4 GHz router.

3. Roost Smart Battery

This smoke and carbon monoxide detector work with your home's Wi-Fi. Because it is a combination alarm, it is considered a smart device. This device communicates with your phone to generate alerts. Being battery-operated, it is easy to install. It is also affordable, and the battery is advertised to last for five years. Unfortunately, it does not come with a battery gauge. So, you need to religiously check the unit monthly. Keep your ears peeled for the chirping. It also does not interact with other smart devices, and may not then be incorporated into your smart home hub.

Smart smoke alarms are usually dual sensor. They also usually come with a carbon monoxide detector for your ultimate protection. What gives these alarms the extra oomph is their ability to connect via Wi-FI. They are also often easy to install since most of the top products are battery-operated. Most of them encourage the interconnectivity of smoke alarms in your home. So, one trigger can activate all the other alarms. This is very important because you cannot be in all the rooms all at once. You also get that extra sense of security because apps make it possible for you to get alerted at work or any other place. So, you don't have to guard your house 24/7 to ensure that no damage will be done to it.

This FAQ article reminds you that there is a wide range of variety of smart smoke alarms out there. It is best to pick one that best suits your home. You should also not scrimp on your smart smoke alarm budget, because it may be a matter of life and death. Thankfully, there are also smart alarms that can provide you with enough protection at only USD 50.

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