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Mains Powered Smoke Alarm

By HopeCharlotte |

Have you ever heard about mains powered smoke alarms? If not, don't worry because here we are going to discuss mains powered smoke alarms. The smoke alarms, that you can connect to the main power of your home 240 volt, are known as mains powered smoke alarms.

These smoke alarms are recommended because as compared to battery-operated smoke alarms, main powered smoke alarms are more reliable and they also come with a battery that serves you during a power outage. This page will also introduce the most common mains power smoke alarms and also the pros and cons of them.

The kind of main powered smoke alarm

Many main powered smoke alarms are available in the market that small businesses, residential buildings, or HMOs require. Leading brands such as BRK, Kidde, and EI Electronics (AICO)  provide some of the best main powered smoke alarms.  Let's discuss some of them.

1. FireAngel mains powered alarms 

As you know that powered smoke alarms also come with a battery, FireAngel mains powered alarm comes with a 9-volt alkaline battery. It is connected with a 230-volt power supply. It is available in both heat and optical versions. If you want to connect your main powered smoke alarm with 12 units, don't hesitate and buy fire Angel mains powered alarms because it can fulfill your requirement. The FireAngel mains powered alarms are CE marked and Kitemarked and are suitable for D2 installations. 

2. BRK  Mains Powered Smoke Alarms:

BRK mains powered smoke alarms also come within the alkaline battery and are connected to 230 volts power supply. BRK  also offers optical heat detectors such as 690MBX,  660MBX,  670MBX. Just like fireAngel mains powered alarms, BRK  mains powered smoke alarms can also be interlinked with a maximum of 12  units.

3. Kidde Firex  Mains Powered Smoke Alarms:

Like other mains power smoke alarms, the Kidde Firex smoke detector also comes with an alkaline battery. These mains powered smoke alarms are available in optical heat detectors and ionization smoke alarms. Moreover, you can interlink your smoke detector with 12 units.  These smoke alarms are Kitemarked, and CE marked and are suitable for D2 installation.

4. Aico  mains powered smoke alarms:

Ei 140 series of Aico Mains powered smoke alarms feature an alkaline battery. They are connected to  230V  main power supply. Ei  Electronics design the wonderful mains powered smoke alarms in Ireland. You can interlink them with approximately 12 units. These mains powered smoke alarms are suitable for D2 installations and are CE  marked, and Kitemarked.

The pros and cons of main smoke alarms

Smoke detectors are the best devices that alert you from fire and thus enables you to take necessary actions to prevent fire damage. Whether you should invest in wireless smoke detectors or mains smoke detectors, we have enlisted some of the pros and cons of the mains smoke detector. This would help you make a sensible decision. 


When you get a battery-operated smoke detector, you need to be vigilant enough to make sure if the battery is full, so that it can perform its function properly. However, with mains powered smoke alarms, you don't have to worry about checking the batteries regularly. The reason is that mains powered smoke alarms are connected directly to the power supply of your house. 

Moreover, for large buildings such as offices or shops, one smoke alarm is not enough because one smoke alarm cannot detect smoke on different levels of a building or you can say that they can detect only to a certain range. Therefore, such buildings require more than one smoke detector so that you can link them to each other, and when one sensor detects the smoke it also activates the others as well.

Another important point to consider is that mains powered smoke alarms are more reliable as compared to other smoke detectors. Moreover, these are also faster as well as compared to wireless smoke detectors. 

Moreover, mains powered smoke alarms feature professional installation. Therefore you don't have to worry about your smoke detector going wrong because you can claim the warranty. 


Although, professional installation is considered an advantage, at the same time it is a shortcoming that mains powered smoke detectors have. For instance, if something goes wrong with a smoke detector, this means that you have to wait for a professional to repair it. It would be hard especially on public holidays, weekends, or in the evenings. Moreover, if your smoke detector is out of warranty, it would cost you a considerable amount for a repair.

Another disadvantage of mains powered smoke alarms is that, as these are connected directly to the main power supply, if electricity fails for some reason, so does the smoke alarm. 

Mains powered smoke alarms are hassle-free in terms of battery because these are connected to the main power supply of the building. Many brands provide the best mains powered smoke alarms. Considering the pros and cons of these smoke detectors, choose the one that is right for you because your safety is important.

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